Somen/Soba stacking set

This weekend we ate at one of our favorite restaurants; La Natura. Sitting at the counter watching the Chefs prepare the food is always an inspiration. The dinner Chef was making some pasta with green tomato sauce. I asked her about it (she always puts up with my questions) and she explained it to me and gave me 2 green tomato’s to play with at home. So I thought I might try them with somen for lunch. I made these vessels with Soba in mind but as I started to use them I realized that there are many possibilities  for these stacking sets.

週末にお気に入りのレストラン、La Naturaに行きました。カウンターに座ってシェフが料理するのを見ていると、いつもインスピレーションを受けます。ディナーシェフは、グリーントマトソースのパスタを作っていました。私がソースについて質問すると(彼女はいつも私の質問を辛抱強く聞いてくれるのです)説明してくれ、そしておみやげにグリーントマトを2つくれました。 そこで、お昼ごはんのそうめんにグリーントマトを使ってみようと思いました。蕎麦を食べるときに使おうと思って作った器ですが、使いだしてみると、積み重ねのできるこのセットは、いろいろな使い方ができるのではないかと思いました。


The chef at La Natura told me to use salt and lemon with the green tomatoes to prepare a pasta dressing. I took that idea and used lemon juice and sliced lemons with the green tomatoes for the somen.

La Naturaのシェフが、グリーントマトに塩とレモンを使ってパスタドレッシングを作るのだと教えてくれました。 そのアイデアを活かして、グリーントマトにレモン果汁とスライスしたレモンを加え、そうめんに使ってみました。


Somen is very good with a little lemon taste!



Somen/Soba stacking set」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Beautiful work, looking at the pieces just makes me hungry for soba. I am guessing from the amount of work you got your furnace working. It was great visiting you guys, your home and studio were so lovely.
    Take care and good luck with the show.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! For the time being I’m using my small furnace- but it only holds 7 kg in the pot so only small stuff and charging every day. I’m still working out the details with the materials company- but it looks like we’ll be able to find a good resolution in the near future. Goes without saying that you are both welcome here again anytime!

      BTW how did you find this blog? Just curious because I haven’t publicized it in any way in the West.

      Best and Thanks again,



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