I have always wanted to get better at making wine glasses. Recently I was asked to do a wine glass demonstration at Nagoya University of the Arts for the Glass Education Network conference. This was a great excuse for me to work on both the technical aspects of goblet making as well as develop designs that I enjoy. Being familiar with the Venetian aesthetic as well as its recent reinterpretation by many studio glass makers I often felt that these types of glasses were in a sense too extravagant for everyday use. I myself usually have enjoyed wine with a simple tumbler. I felt the need to make something that was in between these two; at once special and yet still humble, fitting well with the colors and other vessels that I am currently making.

Here is a fun shot that shows more detail. In particular you can see the tear-drop shaped bubble in the bottom of the stem.

There will be about 8 of them at Bouun:


  1. Hi Peter,
    I’m very happy to have stumbled onto this blog. I really enjoy these photos, it looks like you’re having a great time. It was nice to meet you at Pilchuck some years ago.


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