Sunny day for wire work

It has gotten cold and snowy here in Toyama. But a few weeks ago when I was preparing for Bouun the weather was perfectly warming my little wire working room. I have really enjoyed living in what is called “inaka” here in Japan. There is no real word for “inaka” in english. The kanji is composed of 2 characters which are rice field and house. It is farming area but also has many houses and small towns. In the U.S. rural areas for farming relatively few homes whereas here in Japan there will be a house for every few fields.
As the sun settles towards the hill west of our house the southern facing rooms have warmed up quite a bit- which is why I have chosen one of these rooms for doing the wire work on the jars- its warm…..

富山では気温が下がり、雪が降ったりしています。しかし、望雲の準備をしていた数週間前は、天気が良く、私がワイヤー作業をする小さな部屋をすっかり暖めてくれていました。私はここ日本での”田舎”暮らしをとても愉しんでいます。英語には”田舎”にぴったり当てはまる語がありません。漢字で田(rice field)と舎(house)の2文字で表されるように、日本は、農業地域でもたくさんの家があり小さな町々があります。日本では田畑2、3つごとに家が建っていますが、アメリカでは田園地帯に家はほとんどないのです。

Some finished jars- pasta, soba, coffee, jam and both large and small rice:

Large Rice jar:


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