5/1-5/16 at feel art zero

Making these works it is impossible to plan a complete finished
object. I start with a basic proposal- say a bottle with a stone that
will cause breakage. But I can not predict the way the bottle will
break. As such I cannot predict the way in which I will be able to
repair it. Nor can I predict the way I will feel when I first see the
repair completed. Each action results in an opportunity for creative
decision. As such the creative process is simply a series of questions
and responses- “what will result if I do X?”

When I step away from myself and the things that I am doing it is
always a surprise find myself living in rural Japan with Japanese
family- making such works. If I think back to my youth working in a
car repair shop in the town where I grew up there is no way I could
have predicted this result. How did it happen? I cannot say but I
feel it has been essentially the same process that I am speaking of in
reference to these artworks. “What will happen if I do X?”



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