We’re in Croissant!

We (My family and I) have recently been interviewed for the magazine Croissant. It was a very fun time and I really enjoyed cooking the food. The staff were interesting and fun to work with- I only wish we had more time to relax and just talk!

Working in the kitchen is great for thinking about designs for my work. I used the stacking spice container. I measure out the ingredients and place them in the container before I start cooking. Then they are ready to go when I need them.

I have been in magazines before- but not for cooking. I was nervous about it but I knew that the food would come out fine. I have no contact with other people really when it comes to cooking- I just research online and try different ideas. I can not make many things- but I am learning step by step and enjoying it when I have time. It was hard to make a recipe because I usually make things a little differently each time.

If you check out the link you can browse thru the pages a bit. Go to the upper left corner of the cover page and drag it over to the right side. There we are on the second page.



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