When I first started to make jars I was making them for our own household. We needed a place to keep rice, pasta, coffee etc. I like to buy good food and ingredients and so I felt it a shame to hide them away in a cabinet. After using them for a while I thought that other people may feel the same way and for that reason I first started to show them in my exhibitions. The idea of solving my own problems in the house as a starting point for designing work has become central to my approach in terms of developing a body of work.

Every year we get buckets of veggies from our various neighbors as they come into season. They work so hard to make them and do such a great job I felt it is a waste to see them spoil. But there is no way we can east them all in such a short amount of time. So I thought it might be good to make some jars for pickles. Here are some pics of those jars in use:



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