Watts 2011

I’m finishing up the final works for my show at Gallerie Watts. For this exhibition I am also showing some Cyanotype images. In recent exhibitions I have always payed special attention the shadows of the glass as I worked on the lighting. The shadows reveal so much visual information that though contained in the glass is not visible in reflected light. Having wanted to find a way to capture that information I revisited a process that I had experimented with many years ago. Please come visit and see the results.

The following image (which I used for the DM) is of a bottle and a funnel. I am making bottles to be used for storing and carrying drinks that are made at home. Below you can see some images of Rice Wine made by a friend that we drank at Ohanami. Hosokawa-san that works in my studio is using her bottle every day for tea that she makes at home. She greatly prefers it to drinking from a PET bottle- and no waste either. We also have some purse like bags made for carrying the bottle- mochi-kairi.

We’ll be at the Watts on Monday and Tuesday- Please drop by!



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