- 東京 銀座の資生堂ギャラリーにて開催中の「そばにいる工芸」展に参加しています。

金属、木、陶、紙、ガラス と、素材も様々な6人展です。




- 高橋みどりさんの新書「ありがとう!料理上手のともだちレシピ」に、「ピーターのクラムチャウダー」が紹介されています。



- お待たせいたしました!受注制作品の「 Light Capsule 」が仕上がりつつあります。



-I’m participating at “KOGEI to live together” exhibition at the Shiseido Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

It’s a 6-person show showcasing a variety of materials: metal, wood, ceramics, paper, and glass.

This exhibit was made possible with the help of Yoshiyuki Morioka of Morioka Books.

The exhibit runs until Oct. 25th, 2016.

Please come and check it out.

-The recipe for “Peter’s Clam Chowder” is on Midori Takahashi’s new cookbook, “Thank You, My Good Cook Friends!”

The book includes the featured cooks’ serving suggestions and comments, and the lip-smacking imagination will surely make you want to try it.

And once you cook it, you’ll see that it’s easy to make and so yummy. Please try these passed down recipes!ありがとう-料理上手のともだちレシピ-高橋-みどり/dp/4838728735

-Thank you everyone for waiting. Our made-on-order item, “Light Capsule,” is in its finishing stage.

We will contact you about shipping information in the order the orders were placed, so please give us a little more time.

Also, we are making a few extra pieces so if you are still interested we would be happy to take your order by email.


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