“Steep tea” 新色の紅茶はいかが?






数量はたくさんではありませんが、こちらの新色を使ったグラスも Arts&Science にて展示期間中に販売いたします。



“Steep tea”: How about some tea in a new color?

Place some tea leaves and pour hot water into a glass teapot.
We created a color that looks like the moment when the leaves are starting to unfold and gradually release their flavors.

The discovery of this new color was a happy accident from experimentations, and we’re still trying to understand this mysterious color.

The reason we can’t put a finger on its color is because the tone of glass appears to change with different light.
The morning sunshine makes it look like dusty lavender, and as the sunlight changes over the course of the day, it takes on a brown tint and begins to look like a brewing cup of Assam tea.
At the same time it’s reminiscent of dried and faded petals of cherry blossoms.

Quantity is limited, but we will have cups in this new color on sale at Arts&Science during the exhibition dates.
We hope you will enjoy this unnamed, new color.



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