KOBO : “Discover Japan” – 2017 July

ただいま発売中の Discover Japan 7月号、スタイリスト高橋みどりさんの「ただいま、ニッポンのうつわ」のページでKOBOの器を紹介していただいています。







  • タミゼクロイソ(栃木)
  • MORIS (兵庫)
  • ON THE DISH(神奈川)


オンライン販売はこちら ↓





Our KOBO tablewares are featured in the column “Tadaima, Nippon no Utuswa” written by Midori Takahashi, stylist, in the July issue of Discover Japan, on stands now.

Each month she introduces one of her favorite “Japanese utsuwa” along with some trivia on utsuwa and its process of making.

I am sure you will enjoy using our tablewares even more after learning more about them!



You can buy KOBO series at the stores below.

Each store is amazing in its own way, so please stop by if you are in the area!

  • tamiser kuroiso(Tochigi)
  • MORIS (Hyogo)
  • ON THE DISH(Kanagawa)

Or buy online here ↓


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