2018′ 12/8-14 Exhibition at antiques tamiser











Peter’s once and only exhibition of this year is coming up soon.

When Peter made new designs based on how he was feeling lately, upon seeing his latest works side by side they naturally seemed to gravitate towards “LIGHT” or “DRINK” themes.

All of his skills and knowledge are applied in making his work and compromise is not an option. But the pieces that he wants to make are always too complex, and he ends up making it really hard on himself.

So even though he grumbles to himself like a child while working, his glass pieces come out with a distinct look, sexiness, and forms with a sense of tension.

At this Antiques Tamiser exhibition, we will also have a video screening of his work process, so hopefully you can get a glimpse of some studio action.

Peter will be at the exhibition on December 8th and 9th. He cannot wait to talk with you about his works, your feedback on using them at home, and everything else.

More of his signature pieces will be on display as well so we look forward to seeing you!





POPEYE 12月号<特集・クラフツマンシップ。確かにこれは、職人技だ!>に掲載されています。







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