Open for orders “Pasta jar”

2019’8/8〜 ”pasta jar (S),(M),(L)” のご注文をメールにて承ります。






ご注文方法 >>
メールに以下の項目をご記入の上、 へ送信をお願いいたします。ドメイン設定をされている方は、こちらからのメールを受け取れるように設定をお願い致します。

-「”pasta jar (S),(M),(L)” 注文希望」
-お支払い方法 クロネコヤマトの「銀行振込」または「代金引換(手数料324円)」





“pasta jar S”
本体の大きさ:200mm x φ70mm
本体の色 : ライトグレー

“pasta jar M”
本体の大きさ:235mm x φ80mm
本体の色 : ライトグレー

“pasta jar L”
本体の大きさ:270mm x φ90mm
本体の色 : ライトグレー





We are pleased to inform you that online orders of pasta jar will be available from August 8th, 2019.

○We sell these items in limited quantity, so this sales will end when stocks run out.

○Please kindly select the payment method from bank transfer or PayPal

○We will deliver them once items are ready for shipping.

○We will not be able to accept any returns, exchange or cancelation because of the customer’s personal preference.

Method of purchasing>>

Please inform us of the following information with your inquiry. We will reply back to you via e-mail later.

If you do not receive a reply within a few days (we do not respond not he weekends) please check that your email setting are not blocking our mail as spam etc.

-“pasta jar S, M or L purchase request ”
-Your full name
-Shipping address
-Phone number
-Size of pasta jar
-Select payment method from bank transfer or PayPal. Credit card payment is not available.

When your oder is confirmed, we will reply back to you.

We will inform you the total price including shipping charge once our shipping is ready.



“pasta jar S”
Size:200mm x φ70mm
Color : light grey

“pasta jar M”
Size:235mm x φ80mm
Color : light grey

“pasta jar L”
Size:270mm x φ90mm
Color : light grey

– All sizes are approximate as all works are handmade .

-Scratch lines, tool marks, random bubbles and strata are intentionally left as evidence of the process and material and as a result each work is unique.



Cup was designed to be a little high so that you can hold the pasta easily.

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